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Improve Customer Loyalty & Boost Your Profits

Keep your customers coming back again and again – like a boomerang

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The Problem for Independents

Independent hotels are disappearing and are in need of a customer retention solution to improve a worryingly low average of only 8% repeat business.

Loyalty Consulting

Commercial Acceleration have helped many businesses improve customer loyalty

Market Share is Shrinking

Independent hotels in UK Today they account for less than 40% of the market, half of what they represented in 1990. Only 8% repeat business is really not healthy to survive or thrive.

It's Time to Act

Start improving your offer now for increased profits tomorrow

Loyalty is the Answer

Hospitality businesses are missing out on huge profitability opportunities as a 5% increase in retention can improve profits by 25-75%

Let customers be your champions

Loyalty customers spend considerably more revenue

Retention = Profit

Achieves high repeat business through a rewards and recognition customer solution. Bain & Company research shows that a 5% increase in retention can provide 75% increase in profits. Gain easy revenue that keeps coming back again and again, without you needing to do much.

Amazing stats

  • It boosts profits. To enjoy better profits, brands need to foster customer loyalty. Business profits go up by 25% to 95% when customer retention rates are increased by only 5%.
  • Retaining an existing customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one. It is cheaper to keep an existing customer than to bring a new one on board. Studies show that getting a first-time customer is 5X more expensive than retaining a loyal one
  • Repeat customers spend more than first-time customers. They have a way higher average order value that increases with the duration they have been doing business with a brand.
  • Loyal customers produce higher conversion rates. Existing customers have way higher conversion rates than new ones. The average conversion rate of a loyal customer is 60% to 70%, while that of a new one is 5% to 20%
  • Loyal customer shop regularly. Given their good experience with a brand, repeat customers have higher chances of returning. Moreover, their likelihood of making future purchases increases as they make more transactions.

Proven Results

Commercial Acceleration have a track record of improving businesses just like yours

Use our Expertise


A luxury hotel group with 6 hotels needed a solution that could help increase direct bookings and profitability.

They knew that there was a huge untapped database of existing customers that they never reach out to try to entice back. They were looking to find a way of getting recurring revenue easily and across multiple revenue streams.


Commercial Acceleration transformed the level of repeat business to 35% (up from 7%) which generated EBITDA increases of 15%.

A strategy was first scoped to determine what the proposition would be that was in line with customer needs and wants. Initially we conducted focus group and 1:1s with customers.

We then leveraged the insights to develop 3 tiers. We identified and formed relationships with external partners to be able to provide local experiential rewards. We then selected the a plug-in provider that would enable the functionality via desktop and app.

Personal Testimonial

“Their expertise in loyalty made the process very simple and they acted seamlessly as an extension of the team. We have developed an end-to-end recognition and reward solution with repeat bookings up 145% on last year and EBITDA up 21%.”

Our Results Speak for themsleves

Previous clients have seen BIG improvements to their bottom line


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Book Free Remote Consultation

A 30 minute online session where I can help you increase your customer loyalty