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Boost Your Occupancy Podcast

Episode 1 - Fill up faster

In this podcast we cover:

  • Angela’s career with LifeCare Residences
  • The huge opportunity for retirement living
  • Insights about the campaign that won the Retirement Living Best Marketing Award
  • The two target audiences for LifeCare Residences
  • The importance of a customer centricity and how this is brought to life
  • The main marketing priorities for 2024
  • Recommendations for shifting the negative customer perceptions of the retirement living sector
  • 3 Tips for boosting occupancy
  • Why Marketing in the retirement living sector is a great career choice
  • Successful ROI metrics on marketing


Quote of the podcast: “I think this is joyful, I don’t think there is anything better than living here”

Episode 2 - Optimising Conversions

In this session with Margot we cover:

  • The current occupancy situation
  • Importance of sales velocity on driving revenue and profitability
  • The stigma in the UK
  • The complexities of selling in the retirement living and care sector
  • Re-thinking
  • Average sales lifecycle durations
  • Managing the leads efficiently to convert
  • The key conversion metrics to focus on
  • Assessing the customer journey to optimise it
  • Aligning sales and marketing

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