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Strategy In A Day

Your Growth Strategy Sorted

Do you need to clarify future direction? 

Is everyone aligned on the focus growth areas? 


What if you could have a clear plan that detailed the exact steps that you need – and it could be done in just one day? 

Strategy In-A-Day is an intensive experience focused solely on strategic planning for your business. 

This Strategy Day experience has been designed to help you and your stakeholders gain clarity on the exact steps you need to take your business to the next level.  We will deep dive into your biggest business opportunities.  You’ll leave with a clearly defined strategy and plan that is aligned with your goals and details what you need to do. 

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Is your business wasting effort in the wrong places?
Let us help you build your business strategy.
So you’re focused on growth and profit.

Why have a Strategy?

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What is our Approach? 

Step 1: Alignment

In depth discussion with you to understand your business context and agree what a successful Strategy Day looks like for this collaborative process that covers: 

  • What is winning to you? 
  • Where will you play?  
  • How will you win? 
  • What do you need to win?  

Step 2: Pre-Strategy Day Preparation

We will prepare for presenting the Situation Analysis and Value proposition.   We will agree the agenda and workshop outcomes and the questions for your team to think about in advance in order to maximise the day. 

Step Three: Strategy Day

We’ll brainstorm, organise, structure and clarify the key focus areas of growth and the action plans (who / what / when). This will be a face-to-face workshop (unless client prefers to do this remotely).

Step Four: Deliverables

Your Business Strategy Growth Plan clarifying focus growth areas and specific next step actions and accountabilities. Also includes a one page Strategy overview.

Your Growth Partner 

Multi-award winning commercial expert Ali Powell, has 25 years working in world leading hospitality, leisure and later living brands including Hilton, IHG, Fitness First, PegasusLife and Premier Inn. Ali has held C-suite positions leading the growth agenda across revenue, marketing, customer experience, sales and strategic partnerships for Plc and Private Equity. She is the HOSPA Asset Management tutor, a NED and an Advisory Board Member.  

External Specialist Benefits 

Ali is a specialist at Strategy development and implementing initiatives that deliver sustainable long-term success and profitability growth. She is an experienced Strategy Facilitator who is highly skilled at bringing fresh outside-in perspective and engaging teams in a collaborative strategy proces 

“Strategy is choice. Strategy means saying no to certain kinds of things” 

Michael Porter 

Strategy-in-a-day workshop held with Mason Rose.We really wanted some focus for our key growth areas. I would absolutely 100% recommend everyone to do a Strategy Day with you. Return on investment was great – I’m using that plan with the team to be able to stay focused and keep us on track.You have a lovely manner, you have are very thoughtful, considerate and professional. I think every business should do it, and they should do it with you.

Marie Pajares

MD Mason Rose

Plan Features

Stop your business wasting effort.
Build a business strategy.
Focus on Growth and Profit.

Strategy In A Day

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