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inverted hierarchy
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Inverted hierarchy

‘The Iceberg of Ignorance’ study shows that only 4% of an organization’s front-line problems are known by top management, and 9% are known by middle management.

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The dreaded hippo

Are you aware of the dreaded HiPPO? We explore this important concept to be aware of.


Leadership during crisis medley

What makes a good leader during a crisis (and anytime)? Putting people first and creating an environment of trust and safety. An inspiring 90 second medley from interviews with 4 high EQ leaders. It’s all about the 4C’s.

eq vs iq
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Importance of EQ vs IQ

Emotional intelligence is 80% of career success. There are 4 parts to it which we cover.

creative idea
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Creative idea sharing

What ideas have you embraced recently that are now being executed? How do you encourage an idea sharing culture?

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