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retention strategies

Retention strategies

It’s such wasted money down the drain to have customers dripping out of your business. Take steps now to fix your leaky bucket.


Leadership during crisis medley

What makes a good leader during a crisis (and anytime)? Putting people first and creating an environment of trust and safety. An inspiring 90 second medley from interviews with 4 high EQ leaders. It’s all about the 4C’s.

right culture

Have the right culture

Culture is critical to business success. Learn from experts like Joanne Taylor-Stagg in this excellent interview sharing her insights.

easy to do business with

Be easy to do business with

Are you easy to do business with? Are you SURE you’re easy to do business with? We share top tips for improving how easy you are to do business with.

black and white typewriter on white table

Optimising how you respond to reviews

There’s a skill to how you respond to your reviews which will increase revenues💰 Learn 7 practical tips of how to optimise your review responses to generate revenues.

customer expectations

Exceed customer expectations

Customer Service is paramount. Learn ways to improve your customer service excellence. Beat your customer expectations.

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