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Building Trust

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Building Trust

Have you sussed trust?🤝 💷 😀 We all know that people buy from people, and people work harder for people and businesses that they trust – so how do you dial up the trust factor?

For a treat I go to my local cafe who use 2 magical words – ‘the usual’? They acknowledge me by name, know my favourite breakfast (eggs, avocado and latte – what’s yours?), ask me about my family, and it’s always a consistent and enjoyable experience.

In today’s tough marketplace, winning new and keeping customers💰 and staff 😀 is more and more dependent on the relationships you have with people – the trust factor. And the good news is that there is science behind it to grow your #profitability and #engagement:

Trust = Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy / Self-Orientation

Tips to improve your trust factor for business development & engagement:
✅ Credibility is your skills mastery improved with learning
✅ Reliability is making sure you are dependable
✅ Intimacy – develop your rapport and connection
❌ Self-Orientation – focus and care about the other person, not yourself

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