Customer Retention – Fix the leaky bucket

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The average company loses 20% of its customers each year. How are you retaining your customers effectively? We know that this makes so much sense commercially💰. Far cheaper and easier to sell an existing customer.

This morning I was enjoying the sound of Majorca waves 🌊and church bells ⛪️. It was a visual tour from on a travel company email – I appreciated the engagement and happy 😊 calm moment.

Let’s not lose customers during and post lockdown! What can you do to optimise the opportunity? I’m seeing some great creative things to keep customers loyalty during lockdown. Let me know what you are doing or seeing?

Some creative things I’ve seen and received recently
🚿 Hairdressers offering free digital magazines to keep themselves top of mind with customers

🐆 Watch the hotel dog adventure around the grounds

🍡 Free popsicle hotline by Swimming Pool for a hotel in America

☕️ Hand written cards with calming tea and biscuits

🧆 Virtual cocktail making and cooking classes

🥢 Sushi and Pink fizz take-away with Spotify to create ambience

Tips to improve retention:
✅ Score each part of your customer journey and fix gaps

✅  Focus on service excellence

✅ Build strong relationships with your customers and nurture these

✅ Personalise where possible

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