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The dreaded hippo


Are you aware of the dreaded HiPPO? 🦛 This is the acronym for Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Something to watch out for is that when a HiPPO is in play, your organization is most likely not relying on data to inform decision-making.

The HiPPO effect can be dangerous as it can discourage others to voice their opinions for fear of speaking out against the HiPPO’s direction / authority. It can therefore kill creativity, valuable insight and data-driven decisions.

Have you experienced the HiPPO effect, or if you are a HiPPO, how can you encourage others to speak up?

Simon Sinek’s book Why leaders eat last, talks about this concept – with a leader being someone who is prepared to speak last, to let others shine and build a #culture of #trust.

Thank you Sally Beck, an inspiring, high EQ leader who shared this concept with me as an example of effective problem-solving at her hotel.

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