Increase the number of advocates that you have


How many Advocates do you have? I don’t mean customers who have purchased one off, or even a few transactions. I mean real fans who keep coming back again and again and recommend you to others? A loyalty / rewards programme is an excellent way of retaining and growing customers and increasing #profitability

Do you have a loyalty / rewards programme? Are you really providing the benefits that your customers value? Is that around #personalisation#experiences ; #recognition #points vs #rewards? Which programmes do you rate?

I’m delighted to see so many companies re-booting their programmes to keep existing customers and win new ones. For example this week:
Preferred Hotels & Resorts enhances member benefits
The Ascott Limited offers loyalty members extra rewards, bonus points and upgrades

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But creating guest loyalty shouldn’t be the remit of just one person. Everyone should be involved. It’s not just about sending out emails with discounts, it’s about embedding ideas that make people remember your hotel and love it.