Leaving £2 million money on the table

Don’t leave money on the table.

£2 million pounds p.a of wasted potential revenue! I went out to lunch at a restaurant – a wonderful location, friendly staff and delicious food. However, it was criminal how much money was being left on the table.

Our bill was £32.57, whereas if the waiter had be trained on how to up-sell and cross-sell to match and anticipate our needs, we would have spent £98.52. This is 3 x revenue potential that was lost. If you multiply that by 100 covers and the no. of seatings, it equates to £52,760 daily – works out at c. £2 million per annum of missed opportunities.

Let’s fix this now. …In these tough times, it is particularly important to empower our staff in commercial and service roles, to feel confident to increase revenue per customer.

There are subtle techniques (not hard sell), tools and incentive mechanism that can be easily implemented to equip people to know how to add value. For lunch, for what we said was a special occasion to indulge, the miss £ was starters, sides, desserts, wine and coffee.

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