In the last nail-biting few seconds, the ball was given to Jonny Wilkinson, and he executed a perfect drop goal to win England’s first World Rugby Cup in 2003. Sir Clive Woodward used TCUP (Thinking Calmly Under Pressure) to ensure his team were ready to win under extreme pressure.

In business, like sports, there are lots of high pressure moments:

– Presenting

– Pitching

– Keeping your cool when someone talks aggressively 😠

– Trying to close a deal on zoom whilst home-schooling with your child banging on the door or shining a torch at you 🧨

How do you cope with keeping your cool? TCUP is key to success and there are many practical tools to help – take control of the ‘controllables’ – breathing; counting to 10; visualisations; props; positive thinking; mindfulness; squeezing things; slow down.

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