build trust

Relationships you have with people (staff, customers, community) are everything in business.

People buy and stay with people they trust. As the saying goes ‘Know, Like, Trust’. I always go to the same place for breakfast when I need a treat – they say ‘the usual’ – and I trust the experience will be fabulous. They build trust.

Winning new and keeping customers💰 and staff 😀 is more and more dependent on the relationships you have with people – the trust factor. And the good news is that there is science behind it to grow your profitability and engagement

Trust = Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy / Self-Orientation

Tips to improve your trust factor:

✅ Credibility is your skills mastery improved with learning

✅ Reliability is making sure you are dependable

✅ Intimacy – develop your rapport and connection

❌ Self-Orientation – focus and care about the other person, not yourself

✅ Be genuinely interested in others

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