The brilliance of recurring revenues

recurring revenues

This chilly morning, as I saw a lorry unpacking a Peloton 🚴🏻 into my neighbour’s garage, it reminded me of a company doing recurring revenues well.

Amazon, Spotify, Gyms, Software, E-learning, Calm apps… – use monthly subscriptions as they know that the longer you can keep a customer the greater the profit 💰 Customer retention is so much more cost efficient 📈

Are you able to move to a membership/subscription mode to get predictive cash flow? Peloton’s share price has more than tripled.

Top tips for recurring revenues:

✅ Introduce a fee-paying memberships or subscription

✅ Create a loyalty program

✅ Focus on customer life-time value and retention metrics

✅ Offer incentives for repeat business – can be financial or non-financial (e.g. 10% off or a great view in a restaurant)

✅ Provide consistently brilliant customer service

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