Master the follow-up


Higher, Higher, Higher – What’s the average number of follow-up attempts it takes to reach a prospect? 1, 5 – it’s 8! However the average sales person only makes 2 attempts.

Master the follow-up

Depends by industry/product/person – what’s your average?

Follow-up is one of the best ways to accelerate revenues and profit📈 Yet it is surprising how many businesses do not have a systematic process to aid the purchase and ultimately enhance the relationship.

Without follow-up, you will experience create longer sales cycles and substantial prospect drop-off.

Only a small percentage of people (3%) are ready to buy when they first engage with a business. The large majority of prospects require nurturing.

Top tips for follow-up:
✅ Have a systematic follow-up process – consistent, lengthy enough and creative (use different touchpoints)
✅ Build rapport and nurture customers
✅ Have a CRM system to keep organised

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