Target an audience

target an audience

Ready, Aim, Fire!🎯 It’s so distressing when you feel like your business is wasting resources. Being clear on who you are targeting is critical. And the more specific, the better. When you speak to everyone, you speak to no-one.

After the WHO, comes the WHAT in terms of messages / images that most resonates. Are you clear about what your target audience wants? How does your product/service solve their pain point?

Then the WHERE follows easily in terms of using the most effective #ROI channels – whether that’s social media, email, mobile, etc.

Targeting involves hard decisions about who you are not going after . E.g. Spring staycations targeting families vs couples wanting romance.

Top tips:

✅ Extensive research – test and learn using data and insights

✅ Create valuable content

✅ Leverage your CRM to personalise targeted communications

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