Working ‘on’ vs ‘in’ the business

Ali Powel best business growth accelerator 2021

How often are you working ‘in’ the business vs ‘on’ the business? Working ‘in’ the business gets the work done on the here and now day-to-day activities. Working ‘on’ your business is investing time so the business can be better tomorrow.

Working ‘on’ your business is about developing #growth strategies. It can’t be delegated. It could be for example – how are you going to get more customers? How do you increase profitability 20% in 6 months?

I support many people to work ‘on’ their business. I like to think of myself as a secret weapon ⚡ – my mission is to help people achieve their goals quicker through my commercial expertise, and igniting their confidence.

Fiona Halton mentioned ‘She was the most amazing cheerleader for RightRooms. She lifted my spirits. But she was always critical as well. So that is a fantastic combination.’

It was great to be awarded the 2021 Influential Women – Best Business Growth Accelerator by Acquisition International Magazine – the write-up is here

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